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Tell me what kitchen you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Tell me what kitchen you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Well, maybe the title of this post is to exaggerate a lot, but there is some truth to it. And it is that the types of kitchens we have say a lot about who we are. Depending on the distribution of your kitchen you can know if someone is a lover of order, creative, methodical or little cooks.

We are passionate about kitchen accessories and today we bring you a selection of different types of kitchens. Let’s see if you find yours or, who knows, maybe you discover the inspiration you need to encourage you to change it.

Let’s go there!

1. Online kitchens

A classic among the types of classic cuisines. This is the most traditional distribution. A perfect option for rectangular homes with narrow rooms.

One of its biggest advantages is how well it integrates with open spaces, they are ideal for a living room. In addition, not having too many corners the cleaning is very comfortable. Facing the market, the lowest cost kitchens are usually used. Below you can see an example of online cooking from our friends at Cocinas Santos

2. Kitchens in parallel

Also known as kitchens on two fronts. It is very common to see them in rooms with two opposite doors. If you like your guests to roll up their sleeves and cook with you this kitchen is ideal, thanks to its distribution you can prepare a delicious menu all at once.

Like the linear kitchen, this type is recommended for narrow stays. Of course, in this case better for spaces with more than three meters of distance between their walls. Of course, if the distance between fronts is excessively wide, cooking in them can be uncomfortable.

We leave you another example of parallel cooking, also from Cocinas Santos.

3. Kitchen in L

A style that has become a trend in recent years, especially in reforms in which the living room joins the kitchen. They are recommended for spacious rooms with the aim of taking advantage of the corners. In addition, they allow the placement of a large table or central island.

Visually they are very attractive giving a feeling of spaciousness and good taste. If you have a room with almost square space you can be in front of your ideal type of kitchen. In addition, thanks to its features, it is very easy to make changes of appliances in it.

4. U-shaped kitchens

The paradise of true lovers of the art of cooking. Perfect for rectangular spaces with a single door and even open to the living room. They can be combined in different ways and styles and distribute their modules according to need.

In them it is very easy to exchange work areas. Cut, stir and scrub on three different pieces of furniture just a step away. And if you are very big pantries this kitchen is for you. You have three walls to fill with closets with total freedom. Of course, the price is usually somewhat higher by having more space to fill.

5. Kitchens with bar

G-shaped kitchens, as they are also often called. It is true that by adding a small bar or side cabinet to some of the kitchens that we have seen before we can get a G-shaped kitchen. However, it is increasingly common to find them as a complete assembly.

With them, the storage space increases. In addition, we can save space by adding beautiful stools turning the bar into our kitchen table. It is an excellent option if you like to take care of the kitchen at the same time as chatting with your guests.

6. Cooking on island or peninsula

Finally, two types of cuisine that we usually confuse. The difference between the two is as simple as knowing the difference between an island and a peninsula. The kitchen islands are located in the center without any of their parts resting on a wall. That is, four free and practicable sides. The peninsulas, on the other hand, have only three useful sides, since the fourth rests on the wall or surface.

Both are ideal to give a feeling of elegance and passion for cooking. However, due to their characteristics it is not easy to be able to attach them to any type of house.

And that’s it for today. What do you think? Have you found inspiration for your future kitchen? We would love to know what kind of cuisine you have in your home. If you feel like telling us you can leave a comment here below. We hope you found it interesting.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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