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Tips for a perfect garden

We are at the end of June and this puts us in a very good mood: the sun, the beach, the expected holidays, the good terrace and everything else. In addition, this month we celebrate World Environment Day, giving the value it deserves to nature and its importance for life on our planet.

If you want to start taking care of it you can start with something very simple: your garden. Today we tell you different tips, or as I say counselors, to have a perfect garden and also take care of the environment.

You know, change starts at home.

Let’s go there!

1.Water properly

The good weather makes us go out to sunbathe and you know how important it is to hydrate well. Do you know for whom else? For your plants. Irrigation is one of the fundamental aspects to take care of your garden and the environment. The best time to irrigate is first thing in the morning, at which time the plants make the best use of the water they receive.

It is advisable to use drip irrigation since you can program it and adjust quantities. They will thank you by growing up strong and healthy.

2.Planting bulbs

Like everything in this life things with patience go better, it also happens to plants. Depending on the season of the year it is recommended to grow one type or another.

To plant a small summer garden we recommend: tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, zucchini and pumpkin.
If you are more than planting a flower we recommend: Guinean joy, carnation, geranium and, our favorite, Aster.

To help you plant, whether it is your small garden or your plants, bet on resistant products with easy adaptability, such as those you can find in our store with the set of garden tools.

3.Change chemical fertilizers to natural fertilizers

Having chemical fertilizer considerably increases the pests that your garden could have, to solve it it would be ideal to use a natural fertilizer. They are composed of microorganisms that provide nitrogen and other nutrients necessary for plants to be green and healthy.

4.Air and Space

The plantations in your garden should have an adequate amount of air and space between them. Thus, they will be able to breathe and grow properly. Also thanks to this tip, you get to reduce the possibility of pests or diseases.

5.Pruning and collecting

To have your garden very beautiful, it is time to prune and collect the remains whenever possible. You always have to be very careful with pruning, but especially in autumn. Frequently collecting weeds promotes soil fertility and decreases the risk of fires.

For this we recommend scissors that are worth both indoor and outdoor and that are resistant.

And these are all our tips, what do you think? Do you miss any? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

And now… Enjoy your garden!

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