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Trends in decoration. New year, new house.

If anything has characterized 2020, it is to have been the year of changes. 2021, for now, seems to go hand in hand. Changes, changes and more changes, so this year you may be home, or, at least, you want to give a different touch to yours. If so, today’s post is for you.

5 star trends in decoration of 2021

1. Modern and sustainable design

Sustainability has entered fully into our lives. For example, it can reach your home thanks to our ZeroLine collection or, also together with the choice of your furniture.

Years ago thinking about furniture made with reused plastics was crazy, but now, thanks to new processing techniques, it is a reality. And do not think that it is ugly or extravagant furniture, there are some designs that at first glance you would not believe are recycled. Bioplastic materials will make your home more environmentally friendly. An example of this is our low stools

2. Light woods

From the Scandinavian countries comes this trend in decoration for 2021. A material that goes beyond its use in soils. Turning to it to decorate walls and ceilings will be an excellent choice.

As we said in the previous point, sustainable and natural materials gain whole and are increasingly better valued by experts. You know, change starts at home hehe.

3. Naval color

Known by some as “the new black” for the elegance it gives off, naval blue is a guarantee in decoration.

It is a dark blue ideal for elegant and modern spaces. One of its most recurrent applications is to use it as upholstery for armchairs or sofas, combining it with other furniture of somewhat more raw colors. And there goes a little not so secret secret, this is our favorite trend of 2021. We love it!

4. Gray and neutral colors

We know, grayscale may not sound new to you, but since it never goes out of style, we can innovate with its applications.

With small and subtle details in gray you can give the space you choose from your house a very personal touch. If what you are looking for is to create intimate and cozy spaces this is your color. Do you know what the key is? Combine it with neutral colors: white, beige or soft brown. You can even choose a different touch, but just as effective, with light greens, blues or coral.

5. Face line graphic art

A current that emerged in graphic design and that has now reached the world of interior decoration to become a trend this 2021.

Paintings, wallpapers, cups, fabrics… any use you give it is a success. And it is that this current is a must if you are looking for a unique and very different style. The best? That you can give it your own touch: thinner, thicker strokes, more real faces or more abstract faces. For tastes colors and now also expensive.

And so far our selection of trends in decoration for 2021. What do you think? Do you know any others? You already tell us. We hope you liked it.

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