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Can my house always be organized?

The answer is yes. And no, you don’t have to be a person obsessed with order to get it. You only need one method, one that suits your lifestyle and that does not cost you effort to follow. Need ideas? Today we bring you a few options.


1.Centres of activity

This trick consists of putting products together with their “equals”. In this way, centers of activity are created or, in other words, when you carry out activities you will have all the instruments at hand in a single space.

It’s very basic advice, we know, but it makes perfect sense. For example, just as all your clothes are together in the same closet, you can do the same by putting hygiene items in the same drawer. You can do the same with work if these days you work from home. In addition to more orderly spaces, you will gain in efficiency.

2.Pomodoro Method

This is not a method of organization per se, but it will help you not to get overwhelmed when you are in it. It consists of working in periods of 25 minutes and taking a break of 5 minutes. A method that you can apply to moves, for example. It will help you not to get saturated and not waste time.

And speaking of removals, do you know our Compact boxes? Different sizes, different colors for stackable and folding boxes that will help you maintain order at home.

3.Dan-Sha-Ri Method

A method that is defined as “the art of pulling”. This won’t catch you again either. Don’t you use it? Don’t keep it. You can throw it away, sell it, donate it, lend it, etc. You have a lot of options to free yourself from what you don’t really need.

This system was devised by Hideko Yamashita under the philosophy that until we get rid of what is left over, we will not be happy. Maybe it is not as much as he says, but of course it will help us to have the house more organized.

4.Mari Kondo Method

The queen of order and organization. This Japanese has earned this title on her own merits. Really, it’s very much in tune with the previous method. Bet on the thought that each person can find a suitable place for each object. And, in doing so, your home will breathe a more idyllic atmosphere.

5.Kanban Method

A method with which to save time. It consists of dividing tasks into boxes of different colors. Thus, pending tasks, carried out or in progress, are marked. Just by dividing tasks you will already be carrying out an exercise of order that will help you focus on the different tasks you have. Then, as you meet them, you will feel the well-being of completing a goal.

And so far our recommendation of methods. Well, one last piece of advice. Your thing may not be to follow a specific method or system, so we recommend you get the best out of each one and apply it in your own way. The important thing is that it helps you to be as comfortable as possible in your home. Which would you say is your favorite?

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