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Homemade tips for a different Christmas

Today we bring you some homemade handicrafts that will surely be great this Christmas.

Five very easy ideas to give your home a different Christmas touch. With some of them you will even help to take care of the planet. As you already know, change begins at home.

Shall we start? Here we go!

1. Homemade air freshener with Christmas scent

Maybe you had not thought about it, but you can prepare it with things that you probably have at home. You only need a couple of cinnamon sticks, orange or tangerine peels, pine cones, anise and pharmacy alcohol.

Put all the ingredients in a glass jar, add the alcohol until everything is covered and cover it. Let it stand for fifteen days and that’s it. Now you can use it by straining the mixture into a container with a sprayer to apply it whenever you want. And don’t forget that the container you have used will still smell for a few days, so you can decorate it and leave it as a fixed air freshener somewhere in the house.

2. Eco-friendly wrapping paper

Admit it… You keep getting excited when you open a gift wrapped in a gift wrap with reindeer or snowman drawings, or any other Christmas detail. We love it but we have realised that this wrapping paper is not as environmentally friendly as we would like it to be. So here are some simple ideas for gift wrapping:

– Newspaper. If there is always one in your house, you can give it a second life

– Cloth handkerchiefs. Perfect for small packages. You can add a nice ribbon.

– Old cushion covers. If you decorate them it would be a very original idea.

– Recycled craft paper. Ideal to take care of the planet.

In conclusion, any item that you can give a second use to will be a great alternative to the classic wrapping papers. Can you think of any more ideas?

3. Christmas desserts

This Christmas we have to sweeten every moment more than ever. Would you like to prepare a Christmas dessert? Here are a few ideas:

– Fir-shaped pastries

– Mousse or nougat flan

– Linzer cookies filled with jam

– Homemade marzipan

– Cinnamon cookies

– Homemade King cake

4. Homemade confetti with dry leaves

It is a very simple idea to spend some entertaining time with the little ones in the house. It all starts with a walk through an area where there are deciduous trees. Pick up a bunch of leaves from the ground and take them home. Once there, you can separate them by shades of colour and make different groups.

And here is the easy part: Make small pieces with a paper punching machine and they will become your homemade confetti for these holidays. And that’s it!

5. Christmas centrepieces

It has ever happened to all of us that we spend money on a centrepiece and then we need to remove it for lunch or dinner and we no longer use it again. What is the solution? Create your own with things you can have at home. Here are some ideas:

– With pine cones. You will need glass jars, coarse salt that simulates snow, and candles. On the outside, place the pine cones tied with string and that’s it.

– Rustic. If you live in the countryside you can use a small log and decorate it as you wish.

– Decorated glasses. You can glue pine needles on the outside, add a candle inside and some more Christmas accessories.

– Floating flowers. Pick some pretty flowers, put them in glass jars, add water and put a floating candle. Voila!

What do you think of all these ideas? We would love for you to upload a photo to your social media and mention us if you do any of them. We are looking forward to seeing your creativity. Happy Holidays!

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