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How to be a 10th host this summer?

Those of us who like houses and, especially our own, there is something we love: enjoying it with family and friends. Feeling that your loved ones feel at home as they are in theirs is a unique feeling.

Therefore, today we want to bring you ten tips to answer a question that you have surely asked yourself these days: how to be a host 10 this summer?


1. How many are you going to be?

For everything to go smoothly it is very important to know how many people we expect to receive. Ask your guests to RSVP so you can start preparing early.

In addition, all help is welcome. If you have a clear list of things you need, you can easily respond if a guest offers to take something.

2. Do we give the house a little pass?

Conveying that you care about your guests also involves having a clean house. This does not require a huge deployment. If you usually maintain a correct cleaning in your home on a daily basis, it will not cost you anything to give it the final finish so that everything looks perfect.

Having everything tidy, a passage to the floors and remove dust from furniture and other surfaces you already have a lot in advance.

3. What are your tastes?

Any allergies? Is anyone coming vegetarian or vegan? Asking about the tastes and needs of each one shows that you care about the well-being of all, an indispensable condition to be a host 10 this summer.

To avoid overgelling, nothing better than asking and going straight to what you know you’ll need. Thus, you will save time and money.

4. Which menu do I choose?

To answer this question we must look at one aspect: the time. If you receive your guests in the middle of the afternoon dinner is not mandatory, it will be enough with some more informal snacking. If we are talking about a dinner you need a wider repertoire: hot appetizers, cold and even some main course.

For more informal meetings you can present your snacks in a comfortable tray that you can easily transport from the kitchen to the living room. In addition, to have more space on the table you can put the food in different bowls. Finally, if you decide to make a snack dish, the best way to get the food are chopsticks.

5. Do I need decoration?

It does not have to, unless you celebrate some type of specific party such as birthday, anniversary or surprise. What we do recommend is to resort to small elements such as candles or natural air fresheners. With them you will give your house a small touch of difference without complicating yourself excessively.

The secret to being a 10 host is more in what you do and how you do it than in what you have. If your guests are at ease, they will not miss that the thing is decorated especially for the occasion.

6. Do you have all the necessary utensils?

Preparing a table or part of the kitchen with the elements that can be used the most is an excellent idea. Glasses, glasses, cutlery or napkins. In this way, your guests will know where to go when they need it and will not have to be aware of your presence to indicate it.

In the same way, you can prepare a “bar” area. In it will be beverages such as wine, water, spirits, ice and appropriate glasses. In addition, in that area will be all the basic elements such as bottle openers, coasters and cup markers, the latter will be key to avoid drinking from the glass of others. We recommend that this area is separated from the previous table or, at least, well differentiated so as not to confuse and know at all times where to find what is needed.

7. Forecast better than acceleration

The more you have in advance before the first guests arrive, the better. Aspects such as snacking or cold dinner dishes can be done a few hours before.

In this way you win in two aspects. The first is that your visitors won’t wait to start eating if they’re hungry. And the second is that the time you save you can take advantage of it to enjoy with them.

8. What music do I choose?

If you are a fan of good music you will surely find the key. Here you can also look at the time or type of event you have in mind. If it is more a relaxed encounter with pool and snacking you can bet on current music that encourages people. For dinner, you can opt for ambient music without lyrics that distract conversations. For later, if you want to liven up the atmosphere, it doesn’t hurt to have a playlist prepared with party songs.

The best thing is not to risk and opt for those classics that you know never fail and for simple styles that, more or less, can please all types of audiences. In any case, do not worry too much about this because the important thing will be the company.

9. Do all the guests know each other?

If you want to know how to be a host 10 this summer it is very important to know how to “face” a moment that for many people is not entirely comfortable: presentations. Be sure to introduce those who don’t know each other and help them take the first step toward socializing.

A perfect way for them, little by little, to feel at home. Remember that it is inevitable that small groups are formed with different conversations, yes, if you can avoid being the one who favors them better.

10. It is well born, to be grateful

A saying that comes great for the end of your event. As we said at the beginning, if you have organized a party or dinner at home it is because you like to see your loved ones enjoy in your home. Therefore, the perfect closing for the evening may be to gather everyone to thank them for their presence, wish they had a good time and toast to it.

We are convinced that by following these tips you will know how to be a 10th host this summer. And hey, if it’s your first time and instead of a 10 it’s a 9 then it’s not bad either. Practice makes the habit so surely the more experience you have, the more control you will have over all the elements of your celebrations.

You already tell us how it went. Have a good time!

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