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Clean your home sustainably

Words like «sustainable» or «ecological» are beginning to be increasingly established in our day-to-day vocabulary. But do we really know what they mean?

We explain it to you!

Sustainability is that our needs today do not compromise those of future generations. It is to take care of our environment, protect it and make it durable. It is to use products and materials that preserve the environment in the best possible conditions.

And, since change starts at home, the first thing is to be sustainable in our home. So we are going to give you some keys so that cleaning at home is as respectful as possible with the environment.

How can I make my cleaning sustainable?

Detergents, bathroom cleaners, floor scrubbers… If you want the cleaning of your home to be 100% sustainable, when you go to buy these products you must take into account the following criteria:

– They must be as or more effective than standard products in the same category.

– That they are safe and do not cause any type of acute or chronic toxicity.

– They must not contain harmful components.

– Dyes yes, but only natural.

– Neither flammable nor combustible.

– Fully biodegradable, also in aquatic biodegradation.

– Free of air pollutants that deteriorate the ozone layer.

– Heavy metals are prohibited.

– pH between 2 and 11.5.

– Not tested on animals or toxic to them.

But as all this may seem a bit overwhelming at first, we advise you to make the change little by little. One of the aspects with which we can begin to become aware is, for example, packaging. Avoid plastics and bet on recycled and/or recyclable materials. Only with this change will you already be doing a lot.

In addition, you can create your own products at home with natural ingredients and free of toxics, such as this citrus floor scrub that we taught you to make a few months ago.

And if what you are looking for is the ideal companions of your sustainable cleaning products, very soon we will be able to show you a new collection of utensils with which to make keeping your house clean is something 100% eco.

Don’t miss it!

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