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The best dishes for when the good weather arrives

It seems that good weather is having a hard time settling in our days. One day the sun rises but the rest of the week we have cloudy skies. What bad luck. In any case, there is nothing left to enjoy those sunny days that we need so much.

Therefore, it is time to start talking about what we are going to do when the weather accompanies. Today we bring you some culinary ideas that you will surely love: the best dishes for when the good weather arrives.

Before you continue reading we recommend that you have something to snack on hand, it is very possible that this will whet your appetite.

Let’s go there!

1. Seafood splash

A classic to take as an appetizer or even as a main course in the evening. It is a great combination of ingredients from the sea and the garden. Prawns, octopus legs, mussels, red, green and yellow peppers, scallions, garlic, black olives, vinaigrette and salt. Delicious!

2. Pasta salad

Possibly one of the star dishes of the summer. Easy and fast to prepare and with a lot of different combinations to do it as you like.

And speaking of pasta, if you need containers, salad bowls and drainers we have a whole range of products that will come great. You can find them in our Homey collection.

3. Salmorejo or gazpacho

Two similar options but with many different nuances. The important thing is that both are easy to prepare and are very nutritious. These are two perfect foods to combat dehydration in cases of high temperatures.

For these dishes olive oil is indispensable so our anti-drip oil can be the perfect complement to your recipe.

4. Chickpea hummus

A recipe that can be present in our day to day throughout the year but that in summer can be even tastier. With the right temperature and accompanying it with crudités of vegetables and vegetables we have a perfect dish to snack between meals or even propose it as an aperitif.

Do you dare to make it homemade?

5. Salmon, avocado and egg sandwich

Excellent option to eat out of the house for the little space it occupies and how fast you can prepare it if you go in a hurry. Bread, salmon, avocado, boiled egg, lettuce and cream cheese. Yes, he is as rich as he seems.

If you are not a fan of salmon we recommend the option of vegetable sandwich with tuna, a similar option with a different touch.

6. Fruit Macedonia

A dessert that, served with the right touch of cold, is a great option to eat fruit. In addition, being cut into small pieces, it is ideal for those children who have a harder time trying it to enjoy it. A simple recipe, very nutritious and refreshing.

And so far our assortment of the best dishes for when the good weather arrives. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Do you have any star dishes that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to read your comments.

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