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Tips for being a scary host this Halloween

Tips for being a scary host this Halloween

For those of us who like to dress up and have fun with our friends, Halloween is the perfect party for us.

Therefore, today we want to bring you some ideas to decorate your house on Halloween and be a host of ten.


1. Set the mood

Halloween would not be the same without the typical decoration of this celebration: pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons and cobwebs, among other things. Therefore, We will decorate our space according to the occasion.

We recommend decorating your house for Halloween in an easy and traditional way, with pumpkins cut into the shape of a terrifying face.

You can also decorate your guests’ glasses to conform to the Halloween theme.

2. Prepare a costume party

What is a Halloween party without its costumes? To make it more fun, we can organize a Contest, in which we will reward the best individual or pairs costume.

We are sure that you have already thought of a terrifying one.

3. Recipes for the night of the dead

To make your guests speechless, we will prepare terrifying appetizers that will make us enter (even more if possible) in the darkest night of the year.

Prepare easy-to-eat and easy-to-make snacks! For example, ghost-shaped cookies or finger-shaped sausages.

And to accompany, the creepiest drink: red wine. So that the most daring pretend that they are drinking blood.

4. Scary Movie Night

To end October 31 in style, a great idea is to organize a night of horror movies, where some substitute for another to end the night is always fine.

You will tell us how everything is going.

Have a monstrous time!

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