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Tips to save space at home

The great movie houses are, well, movie houses. In real life we often have to adapt in somewhat smaller spaces. Therefore, our great ally is the organization. With a good distribution of furniture, utensils and other aspects of the house we can save space in our home.

Today we tell you some little tricks. Stop by and take a look.

1.Multifunctional furniture

What if instead of having three half-filled pieces of furniture you had only one? Betting on the multifunctional is an excellent option to save space at home. These are furniture with different purposes in which to store different objects in each of its compartments.

2.Folding tables and stools

Most of the time tables and stools are household items that we don’t use. Choosing folding options we gain comfort and meters at home.

You can see a clear example in our Compact stools , ideal to store them in any corner after each use.

3.Fitted wardrobes in the hallway

The wall of the corridor does not have to be just a wall, it can be used with a large built-in wardrobe in which to store clothes, accessories or day-to-day utensils.

4.Hang cleaning tools

Utensils such as brooms, mops and others end up filling small closets in which, by their measures, space is lost for everything else. The solution? Hang them on any wall with small hooks.

If you want to find different proposals you can do it in our section of hangers and broom holders. You will see how useful.

5.A library on the wall

Okay, you may be thinking that this is going to take up even more space, but quite the opposite. If you are renting it is possible that in your house there is a large library that the owner does not want to remove. How to take advantage of it? Filling it with more things besides books. Portrait holders, small vases, sewing boxesetc. Any object that fits will solve some of the space it would be occupying elsewhere.

6.Wardrobe as headboard

Perhaps as usual we have relegated the walls behind the bed to the background of the house. A priori, they are impracticable spaces in which nothing can be done. Well, it doesn’t have to. With the right wardrobe you can give the wall a second life while having an elegant headboard.

7.Goodbye to the partitions

Throwing walls is an excellent option to gain meters and, in addition, gain natural light at home. Thus, you will have the feeling of having recovered lost meters in your home.

8.Bed with canapé

No, it is not a curious recipe of modern cuisine hehe. The beds are one of the elements of the house that occupy more space. Therefore, nothing better to take advantage of that dead space than to use under a canapé in which to store boxes, warm clothes, carpets, etc.

9.Mirrors that are cabinets

A small gap behind the bathroom mirror can give your bathroom a very useful space to store small jars and all kinds of hygiene and cleaning products.

10.Sliding doors

Think about it, when designing a door, the space it occupies when opened is taken into account. Something that does not happen with a sliding door. This type of doors leave around much more free space that can be used to gain passage areas or place furniture.

Y hasta aquí nuestras diez ideas para conseguir ahorrar espacio en casa. ¿Qué te parecen? ¿Aplicas ya alguna de estas en tu casa? Cuéntanos en comentarios, nos encantará leerte.

Muchas gracias por leernos 🙂

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