Trucos para refrescar tu casa en verano

“I’m more of a winter person” some people say in summer. “I’m more of a summer person” other people say in winter. Really what we all want is to be comfortable and with this heat it can cost a bit more. That’s why today we want to give you some tips to help you to

Tips para un jardín perfecto

We are at the end of June and that puts us in a good mood: the sun, the beach, looking forward to our holidays, a lovely terrace and much more. Also, this month we celebrate the World Environment Day valuing nature and its importance to our planet. If you want to help to preserve nature

Cómo cuidar el planeta desde casa - Vigar

You have to be very determined (and we all wish we were) to get up early on a weekend and go to the beach to collect waste plastic and to only eat organic products. Fortunately, if you want to take care of the environment, it’s not a matter of doing all or nothing, you can

Blog Vigar

It seems that the good weather is taking a little while to settle with us this year. One day the sun comes out but then there of the week we have a cloudy sky. Such bad luck!. However, not long now before we can enjoy those sunny days that we need so much. That’s why

Consejos para ahorrar espacio en casa

Big celebrity houses are just that, celebrity houses. In real life we often have to adapt to smaller spaces. That’s why our greatest asset is organization. With good distribution of furniture, appliances and other features of the house we can save space in our homes. Today we are going to share some little tricks with

Tipos de cocinas

Tell me what kind of kitchen you have and I’ll tell you what type of person you are Well, maybe the title of this post is a bit of an overstatement, but there is some truth to it, our kitchens say a lot about who we are. Depending on the layout of their kitchen you

If anything defined last year it was all the changes that we had to make.  2021, for the time being anyway, seems to be going the same way! Changes, changes and more changes, maybe this year you will be buying a new home, or just wanting to give a fresh and different touch to the

Today we bring you some homemade handicrafts that will surely be great this Christmas. Five very easy ideas to give your home a different Christmas touch. With some of them you will even help to take care of the planet. As you already know, change begins at home. Shall we start? Here we go! 1.


Words like “sustainable” or “ecological” are increasingly becoming more common in our everyday vocabulary. But do we really know what they mean? We will explain it below! Sustainability means that our current needs do not compromise those of future generations. It is about taking care of our environment, protecting it and making it durable. It

The season of the year when we don’t know what to wear has arrived. That time when we take the jacket in case it gets chilly and we can’t find anything in the closet. Change of seasons is a difficult time, we know that, but with these tips we will try to make your life