Secure payment

What forms of payment are accepted at the store?

The Vigar online shop accepts both credit and debit cards: VISA and MASTERCARD. You can also use the secure payment system PAYPAL or you can make a transfer to our bank.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the web?

Yes, the data is transmitted in encrypted form using the SSL protocol. For payment with Visa and Mastercard only transactions Ces (Safe Electronic Commerce) will be accepted. After verifying that the card is affixed to the CES system, the system will contact the issuing bank for the buyer to authorize the transaction. When the bank confirms the authenticity, the charge will be made on the card. Otherwise the order will be canceled.

What is my security code?

Your security code corresponds to the last 3 digits that appear in the space to sign on the back of your card.

Why can my credit card be rejected?

Your card may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

The card may be out of date. Make sure your card does not exceed the expiration date.

The card limit may have been reached. Check with your bank that the card has not exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases.

Some input may be incorrect. Check that you have correctly filled in all the necessary fields.

Can I print proof of purchase for my order?

You can print your proof of purchase by accessing:

“Your account”> “My orders” and then selecting the reference of your order. Click the “print the order” link and you will be able to print your receipt or save it to your computer.