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We live in a world full of sustainable promises with brands as heroines of the story. Or as some call it, mark a greenwashing.

And of course, both blah, blah, blah, has caused the public to do off, off, off.

Therefore, in Vigar we have decided to stop talking and take action, so that the do, do, do is what communicates for us.

Vigar presents…

A.N.A philosophy

Actions, Not Ads.

More than telling you what we will do

We prefer to show what we have already done.

And so we will have less blah blah blah

And more do, do, do.

Vigar in action

In 2020 we started from Zero.

Since we launched the Zeroline collection, our new collections are made from sustainable, recyclable and recycled materials such as bamboo cane and rice husk.

Products to use, use, use, use, use, use… and recycle.

Durability, how good you came. And you stayed years and years. Because we make products to make them last you. Like before, but today. And so tomorrow, when you need us, you will remember us.

Ana, woman you had to be.

50% of the management team are women. 70% of the workforce as well. And of course, there is no pay gap at all. If we work the same, we charge the same. It is a question of equality. And normality.

We enjoyed the sun with all our energy.

We have solar panels installed in all our offices that create clean, renewable and sustainable energy that we take full advantage of.

What we will do tomorrow we will tell you the day after tomorrow

Yes, we have goals and an action plan to be more sustainable, fairer and happier. But when it is a reality and it works, we will tell you.

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