Rengo broom and hand picker


Rengo broom and hand picker


Product Description:

– Set of two pieces for effective cleaning anywhere in the house.
– Modern and minimalist design that allows you to reach any corner.
– Broom with ergonomic handle for easier, faster and more agile sweeping.
– Bristles resistant to any sweep.
– Comfortable size to store anywhere.
– Includes anchoring system and ring to hang it.
– Material: Pp, Abs, Pet.

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Broom and hand picker for any occasion

At home or in the office, pair crumbs or anything that is on the table or desk and you want to pick up in an easy and comfortable way. This broom kit and handheld collector is ideal for any occasion and place. You can also perform any effective cleaning of any part of the house or office. It has a modern and minimalist design that allows you to reach any corner with hardly any effort. The broom despite its size has an ergonomic handle for easier, more agile and faster sweeping. The bristles are resistant to any sweep and also thanks to the size of the pack you can store it or hang it anywhere.

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Dimensions 19 × 4 × 25 cm



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