Holds simple metal brooms

Holds single metal brooms with 3M Compact adhesive


Holds single metal brooms with 3M Compact adhesive


Product Description:

– Great metal simple broom hanger to put it where you need.
– It has 1 slot and 1 hook.
– With 3M adhesive system. It can be placed on a smooth surface: tile, porcelain, marble, painted wall, metal, glass…
– Once placed they are very resistant. Up to 4 kg.
– Non-slip clamp that automatically adapts to the thickness of each handle.
– Effective hooks to hold anything, cleaning cloths, dusters, gloves, etc.
– Improves the organization of the home and makes the utensils occupy the least space and are always available.
– Recommended slots for brooms, mops, dustpans and more.
– Made of stainless steel.
– Resistant for indoor and outdoor space.

Metal broom hanger

A simple broom hanger with 3M adhesive so you can hang brooms, cloths or any cleaning utensil from your home. Its adhesive system allows the broom holder to be hung on smooth surfaces such as tiles, marble, glass, metal… without slipping, in fact, once glued, its design helps to withstand up to 4kg.

Hold brooms to organize your home

Having a corner in a room with the brooms and mop supported, piled up and falling every two by three is very common in many homes, and in Vigar we know how tedious and annoying this is. That is why we have manufactured these broom holders to be able to have organized the cleaning utensils leaving the floor free and without traps. With a slot and a hook, this broom hanger is made of stainless steel, perfect for resisting and lasting inside and outside your home.

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