Wide swept broom with Cool bumper


Wide swept broom with Cool bumper


Product Description:

– Resistant brush with universal thread.
– Equipped with bumpers to avoid friction on walls and furniture.
– Its protruding bristles trap the finest dust.
– Narrow design to access the most difficult corners.
– Support and bristles made with recycled materials.
– Material: Pp, Pet, Rubber.

Wide broom for a wide sweep

This broom is not ordinary, since as you can see it has a larger size, it is wider. This size modification is designed to sweep more efficiently and quickly. In fact, the side design is narrower so that you can access more difficult corners that with a normal broom would be more complicated to access well.

But the fact that this wide-swept broom is narrower on its side does not mean that it is more effective, since its protruding bristles help trap the finest dust.

A wide broom with stylish bumpers

How many times sweeping have you not given more than one blow to furniture and walls? This broom is equipped with a bumper to avoid these moments of rubbing and bumping on the furniture of the room.

One of the details that we can not leave aside is that its support and bristles are made with recycled materials.

And no, it is not necessary that its stick is of any special size, since its thread is universal.

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More details:

With this wide sweep broom there is no dust that resists us in our house. With its narrow design that allows us to access any corner of our home and its bumper to avoid friction and damage to the wall, they make an essential cleaning accessory of our houses.


On what surfaces can I use this broom?

With this wide sweeping broom you can use it for any type of floor, both parquet and laminate, porcelain and ceramic floors. Its bristles, made of recycled materials, trap the most difficult corners.

However, within our collection of brooms with ergonomic and functional designs, we have a special broom for
delicate floors

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Dimensions 34 × 7 × 13 cm


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