vintage broom

Broom with Bamboo Stick Vintage


Broom with Bamboo Stick Vintage


Product Description:

– Broom with special bamboo stick for small spaces.
– Broom made with recycled and unsproofed bristles for greater efficiency.
– They allow to collect the smallest dirt without lifting the dust.
– Its size makes it reach all corners.
– 120 cm bamboo stick is sturdy and stable in the hand.

Broom set with bamboo stick with which to remove dust from the smallest corners of your home. Its small size and effectiveness will make you catch all the dirt on the floor without lifting the dust.

The broom is made of recycled bristles and are highlighted to achieve greater effectiveness when sweeping.

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The collection is inspired by the vintage style, a
elegant style, romantic air, based on
old style designs
but using
avant-garde and modern accessories.
Characteristic cleaning elements, which
reflect personality and take care of the details to
transport to an authentic home, a home
The parallel objective to the effectiveness in cleaning
is to decorate with glamour, elegance and always with
that classic vintage touch.
Noble materials such as wood,
metal and coton, taking into account the renewability
combined with pp and recycled PET elements
that reflect differentiation with great focus on the
naturalness offered by wood.
Bamboo wood is one of the resources
the most abundant renewables in the world, being
a durable and antibacterial plant resource.
Certain types of bamboo can grow up to 3
feet in a single day, making it one of
the fastest growing plants on earth.

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