Brush and hand picker


Brush and hand picker


Product Description:

– Ideal for cleaning the narrowest corners.
– Daily use to make your desk, table or countertop shine.
– Extra-thin, minimalist and ergonomic design for easier, faster and more agile sweeping.
– Resistant and durable bristles.
– Its extra-thin design allows it to be stored vertically in any small space.
– Material: Pet, Pp, Abs.

Matching brush with dustpan

This pack of brush and collector is perfectly thought and created to reach the corners and narrowest parts, since with the traditional broom you can not always leave everything perfect. But one of the main uses given to the brush pack and hand picker is to clean surfaces such as tables, desks, countertops … It is not the most successful thing to pass a normal broom on the table, but if you have a brush like this, you have everything done.

Can there be a stylish dustpan and brush?

That’s right! At Vigar we like to create utensils with style and design. In this case it is an extra-fine and minimalist design. But we have not left usability aside, since at the same time ergonomic utensils are treated to make everything easier. And as in all our products, they are made with durable and resistant materials.

You can store them together and vertically, since their extra-thin design is also designed to be able to store it in small spaces.

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Comfortable and practical hand brush and collector

We present a practical, comfortable, versatile product ideal for cleaning any corner, space no matter how small. A pack of brush and hand collector that will allow you to precisely clean places that with normal brushes you can not reach. It is also ideal for cleaning desk, table or countertop. After eating you will no longer have to shake the table, it will be enough to pass this brush remove the crumbs and throw it in its collector that will allow you to easily take it to the trash.

Versatile brush and collector for everyday use

It is a very comfortable and easy to use product, it can be used even by the smallest of the house. Store this product vertically in any corner and always have it at hand to use it on a daily basis. There will be no crumbs or dirt that resists you thanks to brush and hand picker designed and manufactured by Vigar that you can buy right now in our online store Casa Vigar.

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Dimensions 16 × 3 × 18 cm



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