Zeroline brush and hand picker


Zeroline brush and hand picker


Product Description:

– Ideal for cleaning the narrowest corners.
– Daily use to make your desk, table or countertop shine.
– Extra-thin, minimalist and ergonomic design for easier, faster and more agile sweeping.
– Resistant and durable bristles.
– Its extra-thin design allows it to be stored vertically in any small space.
– Made of bio-based plastic from rice husk.
– 100% recyclable.
– Material: Pp, Rice Husk, Tpr, Recycled Pet.

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More details:

Comfort comes to your home, thanks to this set of brush and dustpan you can clean every corner, even the most remote. It is a product that lasts over time thanks to its resistant and durable bristles. Given its minimalist design, it is ideal for storing vertically in any space of your home.

Not only does it have an attractive design and easy storage, but it is also made from bio-based plastic in rice husk, making it a perfectly recyclable product.

Brush and Collector ideal for complicated areas

Thanks to this Zeroline brush and collector set you can reach the narrowest and most complicated corners such as radiators, areas behind furniture. It is also a product that we recommend to use in places like the dining table when at the end of eating breadcrumbs remain.

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Dimensions 16 × 3 × 18 cm



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