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The change that the planet does notice.

Be careful, because this is the story of a reevolution. We present Florganic our collection of products specially designed for your kitchen. Products that have a sustainable eco-design. Because for us design and sustainability go hand in hand.

A collection inspired by nature, with soft colors that convey a spring feeling and a new beginning that gives your home the joy and luminosity that our Flower Power collection already had.

With the addition of being a line of products made with sustainable and durable materials, with which we increase our commitment to the environment. Materials such as rice husk, a 100% recyclable bio-based, nylon fibers for brushes and silicone for sponges.

In addition, both the products and the packaging used for the collection are 100% recyclable in current recycling systems.

A collection made to go one step further and give back to the planet everything it has given us.

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