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Caution, if you keep reading you can fall in love. We present, Homey our collection of containers for food. A range of kitchen utensils that really enjoy a beautiful design. Homey, what sounds good?

Thanks to their design, Homey containers are very easy to stack, which translates into space savings. In addition, its silicone ring allows a hermetic closure that prevents uncomfortable leaks. And, as an extra addition, a touch of utility that will come great. We have incorporated meters in the lids to calculate the recommended rations of different foods for up to four people.

A range of products that you can choose in three different colors with a wide variety of measurements. They are made of polypropylene for the lid, silicone for the ring and polystyrene for the container. Materials suitable for storing in a refrigerator or cleaning in a dishwasher.

And offering you this did not seem little, but we do like to offer you even more. Therefore, we also add to this collection a set of salad bowl with drainer. An ideal combination that you can find in two different capacities: 1.5 and 4.5L.

If you are looking for design and utility for your home, you are looking for Homey.

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