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Airtight wine stopper and 6 markers
to easily differentiate the glasses.

Self-adhesive paper and pencil pages
to leave the notes secured. Includes suction cup.

Give this beautiful bouquet of 5 flowers-pens
to decorate the table or work area.

Minimalism, functionality and optimization of space.
It offers versatility of placement and integrated drainage.

Its compact and minimalist design allows it to be placed
in the narrow space between the sink and the wall.

Ideal for aromatic kitchen or small plants
compositions, since it allows you to configure it to taste.

Give this practical set for plants and urban gardens.
Resistant and quality tools.

Set composed of 5 compartments for
enjoy an original aperitif.

Spacious interior with fibers to place any
type of knife and have them always organized.

Ideal for dressing with oil, vinegar or soy sauce.
Airtight cannula and silicone base to prevent dripping.

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