Pack of 4 Florganic magnets

Pack of 4 Florganic magnets


Pack of 4 Florganic magnets


Product Description:

– Magnets for refrigerators, lockers, cabinets, blackboards or any magnetic surface.
– Its flower-shaped design is cheerful and decorates your kitchen.
– Practical to decorate, hold notes, drawings, photos or to collect.
– They do not scratch the surface of the refrigerator.
– Resistant, reusable, durable and lightweight.
– Easy to clean.
– They are non-toxic.
– Manufactured with bio-based bioplastics derived entirely from plants, in our case we use rice husk fibers.

Original magnets

The purpose of Vigar is to give your home a touch of original design, cheerful and at the same time practical. This time we bring you these original magnets to give it a touch of joy but formal. These flower-shaped magnets are from our new collection, designed to give another image to your home.

Flower-shaped magnets

These flower-shaped magnets are perfect for decorating your fridge, lockers, magnetic whiteboards, etc … Made with a strong magnet to be able to hold notes, drawings and photos to remember your best moments.
Vigar flower magnets are made from bio-based bioplastics, in particular rice husk fibers have been used. We want to give your home a new, more fun image but without having to fill the planet with plastics and non-disposable resources.

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