Vintage Bamboo Sink Set


Vintage Bamboo Sink Set


Product Description:

– Sink set 4 pieces:
– Soap dispenser of 350 ml. Easy to fill thanks to its simple, elegant and modern design.
– Hygienic sponge and odorless double use of silicone. It is long-lasting and antimicrobial. Clean without scratching with the utmost care on any surface.
– Multipurpose microfiber cloth of 24 x 24 cm. Maximum quality and perfect cleanliness for any surface.
– Dishwasher brush with built-in spatula to scrape and throw the remains in the trash before washing and for more effective cleaning. High density of bristles. Resistant and durable bristles. They are not deformed.

The Bamboo Sink Set has a very elegant vintage style. Its design makes it look good in any style of housing.

How many products does this bamboo sink set include?

4 indispensable utensils in any kitchen. On the one hand we have the soap dispenser of capacity 350ml. It also includes the hygienic and odorless sponge that is also antimicrobial.

The cloth is also included in the set, made of microfiber perfect for any type of surface. And of course, also included is the dishwasher brush with built-in spatula, perfectly designed to throw the remains of the dishes in the trash. In this way a more effective cleaning is given to these.

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