Sponge holder with Zeroline suction cup


Sponge holder with Zeroline suction cup


Product Description:

– Perfect to have the scourers and cloths always at hand.
– It has a suction cup system to easily hang it on the wall or in the sink.
– Includes a bamboo fiber sponge that gently cleans and dries without damaging the tableware.
– Sponge holder made of bio-based plastic from rice husk.
– 100% recyclable.
– Material: Pp, Mix Rice, Pvc Friendly, Polyester, Bamboo, Polyurethane.

Sponge and sponge holder with suction cup

Having the sink accessories in sight doesn’t have to make your kitchen lose design and order. That’s why at Vigar we think of even the smallest detail, the sponge holder and the sponge itself. The sponge holder comes with a suction cup to be able to stick it on the wall or in your sink without disturbing, and of course, manufactured with design

Sponge set and sponge holder style

Both the sponge holder and the sponge itself are designed with the same style. The sponge is made with bamboo fiber so that it cleans and dries gently without damaging the dishes. And the sponge holder is made of a plastic-based rice husk.

The two pieces with 100% recyclables, that’s why you will find it in our Zeroline collection along with more original, practical and designer household items.

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More details:

Our sponge holder, the great surprise of Zeroline for its ability to have both scourers and cloths. In addition, it has easy adaptability to be able to stick on all surfaces of the house. It comes with a bamboo fiber sponge and rice husk, perfect for cleaning all surfaces of the house, even your crockery.

This product respects the environment since, in addition to being novel, its manufacture is made with bio-based plastic from rice husk, making it 100% recyclable.

Bet on vigar’s Zeroline collection

This sponge holder with suction cup belongs to the Zeroline collection of vegetable origin and 100% recyclable. So all the products in this collection are safe and efficient for the environment, being free of BPA and contrary to what is thought of recyclable products these products have been designed and manufactured to be very durable.

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 8 cm



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