Tips para un jardín perfecto

Tips for the perfect garden

We are at the end of June and that puts us in a good mood: the sun, the beach, looking forward to our holidays, a lovely terrace and much more. Also, this month we celebrate the World Environment Day valuing nature and its importance to our planet.

If you want to help to preserve nature you can start with something very simple, your garden. Today we are giving you some tips, or as I say tricks, to have a perfect garden while helping the environment at the same time.

You know that change starts at home.

Lets go!

1. Correct watering

The good weather makes us want to go out and enjoy the sun and you already know how important it is for us to keep hydrated. Do you know it is also important for something else? Your plants! Watering is one of the basics for caring for both your garden and the environment. The best time to water your plants is first thing in the morning which is when they will get the most benefit from the minimum amount of water.

It is recommended that you use a drip type watering system which can be programmed and adjusted to give the optimum amount of water. Your plants will respond by growing strong and healthy.

2.Growing bulbs

Like everything in life things turn out better with patience and this is also the case with plants. Depending on the time of year you can grow different types.

To plant a small vegetable garden we recommend: tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, courgettes and squash.

If you prefer to grow flowering plants we suggest: impatiens, carnations, geraniums and our favourite, asters.

To help with planting, whether it is in a vegetable plot or for flowers, you will need strong and versatile equipment to help you, like this set of garden tools which you will find in our shop.

3.Change chemical fertilisers for natural products

Using chemical products considerably increases the risk of having pests in your garden, to avoid this it is advisable to use a natural fertiliser. They combine microorganisms and some nitrogen and other nutrients required to produce green and healthy plants.

4.Air and Space

The plants in your garden need a good amount of space and air between them. Like this, they can breathe and grow properly. Also, thanks to this tip, you can reduce the risk of pests and disease.

5.Trimming and removing dead leaves

To keep your garden looking its best you need to trim and remove dead leaves and flowers as often as possible. You should be careful when trimming plants, especially in autumn. Remove weeds frequently to retain the goodness in the soil for your plants and reduce the risk of fires.

For this we recommend secateurs, which are strong and resistant to the weather and as useful outside as they are indoors.

These are our tips, what do you think? Have we missed anything? We would love to hear your ideas in our comments.

So now… go and enjoy your garden!

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