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This collection is a great way to clean and tidy while being environmentally friendly as the products are made from sustainable materials such as rice husk bioplastic or bamboo wood. These products are efficient and safe for the environment as they are BPA free and designed to be very durable.

Bio-based bioplastics are plastic materials that are created using a high percentage of renewable natural sources, meaning that the material is derived directly from plants, in this case from rice husk fibre. These materials are driving an evolution in the conventional plastics familiar to us today, as they spare fossil resources by using naturally regenerating biomass instead, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Products with great advantages not only at an eco-sustainable level but that are also durable products and have identical properties to conventional versions.

With this new Eco-designed proposal, we try to minimise environmental impact by helping to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the use of fossil fuels for better efficiency of natural resources. What’s more, as these products are manufactured using a polypropylene base, the plastic is easily recyclable, and can be mechanically recycled in existing recycling chains in a simple and effective way.


The change starts at home