In the event that the product you have purchased does not match your taste, do not worry, we will refund the money of the purchased items. You decide. Remember that if you are not happy with your purchase, we are not happy with our service either.

Quality policy

The Quality Policy established by the General Management of VIGAR comprises providing an adequate service to the needs of each client, through an orderly management of the entire human and technical structure of the company. For this, we make the following guidelines:

– Offer innovative, accessible, functional, fun and quality products.

– Include a commitment to comply with the legal, regulatory and other subscribed requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

– Promote contact and dialogue with customers and suppliers as strategic factors in the company.

– Encourage the participation of all company personnel in solving problems, detecting deficiencies in resources …, necessary to achieve continuous improvement in internal operations and establish the framework for the definition and review of the objectives of the quality.

– Respond to all claims made by customers.

– Provide adequate competence to the staff so that the operability and functionality of the same are increasingly high and their awareness of quality.

– To be a benchmark brand in the design and creation of utensils and objects for daily use for the home.

– Increase sales thanks to a greater variety of products and quality that satisfy customer needs.

– Provide the means for this policy to be communicated and kept up to date in the organization.

The General Management of VIGAR intends to improve its competitive position in the market, carrying out strict monitoring of this policy, serving as a reference for the establishment of quality objectives.