Words like “sustainable” or “ecological” are increasingly becoming more common in our everyday vocabulary. But do we really know what they mean?

We will explain it below!


Sustainability means that our current needs do not compromise those of future generations. It is about taking care of our environment, protecting it and making it durable. It means using products and materials that preserve the environment in the best possible conditions.

And since the change begins at home, the most important thing is to be sustainable in our home. So we are going to give you some keys to make cleaning at home as environmentally friendly as possible.

How can I make my cleaning sustainable?

Detergents, bathroom and floor cleaner products… If you want the cleaning of your home to be 100% sustainable, when buying these products you must take into account the following criteria:

– They must be as or more effective than standard products in the same category.

– They must be safe and must not cause any type of acute or chronic toxicity.

– They must not contain harmful components.

– They may contain dyes but only if they are natural.

– They should be neither flammable nor combustible.

– They must be completely biodegradable, also in aquatic biodegradation.

– They must be free of atmospheric pollutants that deteriorate the ozone layer.

– Heavy metals are prohibited.

– pH-value from 2 to 11,5.

– They must not be tested on animals and may not be toxic to them.

All these things may seem a bit overwhelming at first, so we advise you to make the change gradually. One of the aspects with which we can begin to become aware of the environment

is, for example, packaging. We should avoid plastics and opt for recycled and/or recyclable materials. Only with this change you will already be contributing a lot.

In addition, you can create your own products at home with natural, toxic-free ingredients, like this floor cleaner product made with citrus that we taught you to make a few months ago.

And if you are looking for the perfect complements for your sustainable cleaning products, we will show you very soon a new collection of utensils to keep your house clean while helping to preserve the environment.

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