If anything defined last year it was all the changes that we had to make.  2021, for the time being anyway, seems to be going the same way! Changes, changes and more changes, maybe this year you will be buying a new home, or just wanting to give a fresh and different touch to the one you already have. If so, today’s post is for you.

5 top decorating trends in 2021

1. Modern and sustainable design

Sustainability is now an important part of our lives and can be incorporated into your home with our ZeroLine collection to compliment your own choice of furniture.

Years ago it seemed strange to think about furniture being made from reused products, but now, thanks to new processing techniques, it is a reality. And don’t think that this is ugly or extravagant furniture, there are some designs that it’s hard to believe are recycled. Bioplastic materials will upgrade and brighten your home and make it more environmentally friendly. An example of these are our compact stools. 


2. Light-coloured wood

This trend in decoration from Scandinavia is now coming to us in 2021. A material that is traditionally used for flooring, can now also be a modern choice for walls and ceilings.

As we said before, sustainable and natural materials are gaining in importance and are increasingly appreciated by experts. It’s time to start making your own changes at home!


3. Navy colour

Known by some as “the new black”, navy blue is a guaranteed winner for bringing elegance to any interior decor.

Dark blue is an ideal choice for elegant and modern spaces. Normally used as fabric for chairs and sofas it can also be combined with other furniture in lighter tones with great effect. Here’s a little secret we would like to share with you. This is our favourite trend for 2021. We love it!


4. Grey and neutral colours

Grey tones may not sound new to you, but since it never goes out of style, we can find new creative ways of using it!

With small and delicate details in grey you can add a personal touch to any space you choose in your home. If you are looking to create intimate and cosy spaces, this is your colour. The secret is to combine it with other neutral colours such as white, beige or soft browns. As an alternative you can achieve an equally effective touch with light greens, blues or coral.


5. Face line graphic art

An idea that has emerged from graphic designs has now reached the world of interior decor and is becoming a major trend for 2021.

Paintings, wallpapers, mugs, textiles… anywhere you can use them will give a unique and different style to your home! The best part? You can give it your own touch: thinner or thicker lines, real faces or more abstract designs. Everyone has their favourite colours and now you can also choose your own face designs!

So these are our favourite trends for decorating in 2021, we hope you have enjoyed reading about them. What do you think? Do you have any other fresh ideas? If so please share them with us.